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  Tuneadelphia! Tunes

Sample book page - Nancy in a Shirttail pdf (141 kb)
SPUDS plays Nancy in a Shirttail 3/13/08: mp3 (1.4 MB)

Reels and Marches   Jigs
The Attitude Problem   Bending My Elbow
Big Phat Ragg   Bill & Sarah
Bill's French Tune   Come Tarry With Me
Bobcat Shuffle   Fire Jig
Choro Borealis   FourFortyFour
Dance with Larry   Gig's Twigs
David's Reel   Gundercuff.Jig
The Devil's Dance   Hunting the Snipe
Distant Star   Jan's New Banjo
The Dogs Who Had Their Own Car   Kiss and Make Up
Edvard's Reel   Lootering
Farewell to Batchelorhood   Man in the Bog
Floating On the Sassafras   Meadowlark Jig
Headless Horseman   Nina
John Krumm's Reel   Peggys Bend
Kitten Takes Over the House   Rain on Snow
Knowledge Transfer   The Red Eye
Long and Tall   Rosie's Jig
Mama's Shoes   Snowdrops
Matthew's Hornpipe   Spring Fever
Nancy in a Shirttail   Tampico Road
The Nor'easter   Top Corner
Patchwork Quilt   Tori Barone's Jig
Phestivus in Philly   Wellington Jig
Phone Home   When Icicles Hang By the Wall
Picnic at the River Jordan    
Pobblebonk   Waltzes
Poppy's Reel   Afton Mountain
Ragtime Reel   Breakaway Heart
Reel de Paoli   Brown Fiddle Waltz
Reel of the 23rd Olympics   Campbell's Farewell Waltz
Rufus   Cobb Hill
Rustiana   Crossing Ithan Creek
Say No More   Dancing Flowers
Schuykill Polka   Dancing Up A Storm
SPUDS Polka   Désormais
St. Johnsbury Reel   Ellen Alleyne
Time to be Late   En Primera
Waiting for Answers   Fiddler's Gift
Warming Up the New Floor   Garlands for Margaret
The Whirling Dervish   Handshouse Waltz
    Harper's Pass
    Hearts Freely Given
Everything Else   High Reach Farm
Bellend   January Spring
Computer Action Hero   Len's Waltz
Darkening Woods   Midwinter Blossom
Fiddling Around   Moments in Time
I'm Waiting   My Father's Table
Justin Otter   Near and Farr
Midnight Sun   Penumbra
Night Geese Polska   Return to Sidmouth
P.C. Blues   Squire of Manor Beast
Where the Wind Only Knows   What-Not
Zisook's Schottische ........... Yunogo